February 16, 2009

KivaAlerts.com is LIVE!


Kiva.org just launched their API a few days ago and I thought that was really a cool initiative they had undertaken to further drive visibility to their cause and attract more and more lenders to support entrepreneurs across the world. I think the API will be a great asset for Kiva and I am looking forward to its outcome in the coming days, weeks and months.

From my perspective, I think the most important thing has always been about cutting through the information overload we suffer from and focus on what’s most important and with our email inboxes getting more of our attention everyday than anything else, I believe email alerts are key in ringing a bell about important issues for any user. With that in mind, we leverage the Kiva.org API to create a nifty little alerts app called Kiva Alerts. You can check it out and setup yourself a few alerts for entrepreneur loan criteria that you are usually most interested in. 

We believe KivaAlerts.com will remind every one interested in supporting the Kiva causes more proactively and we also hope that users will forward interesting loan alerts to friends and family and help grow the lenders at Kiva.org for global good. 

Please let us know your feedback and questions by emailing us at kivaalerts [at] betterlabs.net. 

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